Frequently Asked Questions

On left hand side of our website you can search availability. Once you choose the home you would like to reserve, you will need to click the book now button on the website. You will then fill out the reservation form. There are two ways a customer can pay for the reservation. Check or Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard)

If you choose to pay by check:

When you are filling out the reservation, there will be a location to mark payment by check or credit card. You will mark make payment by CHECK. If you are making your reservation 60+ days before arrival, $200 will be due with in two weeks, and the balance will be due 45 days before arrival. If you book within 45 days before arrival, you will need to overnight us a check. Please refer to your confirmation for our payment address.

If you choose to pay by credit card:

When you are filling out the reservation, there will be a location to mark payment by check or credit card. You will mark make payment by CREDIT CARD (PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU CHOOSE TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD, AN ADDITIONAL 4% FEE WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR RESERVATION. YOU WILL SEE THIS ON YOUR CONFIRMATION.) If you are making your reservation 60+ days before arrival, then we will charge $200 on your credit card the day the reservation is made, and the balance will be charged 45 days before arrival. If you book within 45 days before arrival, then we will charge your credit card the full amount the day the reservation is made.


Our company will place a $350 authorization hold on your credit card the day that you check in. This is very similar to what a hotel does. Our staff will do an inspection the day of your departure. We will then charge your credit card the actual amount for damages. Please note that if damages are greater than $350, then the credit card will be charged the actual damage amount. Any uncollected amount for damages will be sent to our legal department for collection. If our company makes a charge on your credit card for damages and the customer disputes that charge with the credit card company, then we will take legal action to recoup the losses. When you check in at the property, you will need to do a thorough walk through of the home. If there are any damages, you must contact the local office within 24hours. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THIS STEP WILL RESULT IN THOSE DAMAGES BEING CHARGED AGAINST YOU AT THE TIME OF CHECK OUT.


Customer will receive the confirmation along with arrival instructions via email. Sometimes the confirmation will go to the junk or spam mailbox. Please check this before contacting us. You will need to look over your confirmation to make sure all the information is correct. Please pay special attention to the property, check in and check out dates, and rate.


Please refer to your confirmation for payment due dates. If you choose to pay by check and the payment is not received by the due date, then we will charge your credit card the amount due plus the 4% credit card fee. If you think you are going to be late on making a payment, please contact us via email to let us know when the check will be sent.


If you cancel 45+ days before arrival, then there is a $200 cancellation fee. If you cancel 0-44 days before arrival then the full amount of the rental is nonrefundable. If you have not paid the full amount of the rental and you cancel inside the nonrefundable period, then we will charge your credit card the remaining balance due plus the 4% credit card fee. Because of our strict cancellation policy, you may want to purchase travel insurance through www.travelguard.com Please note that cancellations must be in writing by email. We will then cancel the reservation and an email response will be sent to the guest.


When you arrive at the home, please inspect the property for damages. Call our local office within 24 hours to report any damages found upon arrival. If there is damage to the home and it is not reported, then you will be held responsible. After your check out, the onsite management company will inspect the house and notify us of any damages found to the home made during your stay. The onsite management company will contact you via email about any damages that were found. We will provide a detailed list along with the amount that will be charged. If you do not follow the instructions on paragraph 2 and 6, then you can not dispute the company's final damage report.


We understand while you are on vacation that it is your time to enjoy your family and relax. Don't let small incidental damages ruin your vacation. We know that small spills on the carpet and marks on the wall will happen. Although these are accidents, there is still a cost to correct the unintentional damage. For a flat, non-refundable $50.00 fee, you will be covered for all small damages up to $500.00. You can add at the time of reservation, before check-in, but not after your arrival.

This will cover you for stains on the carpet, marks on the wall, broken dishes, stained or damaged towels, and other small items. The Damage Protection Plan does not cover negligence and gross intentional damages to the property. It also does not cover theft. If you choose the protection plan, we will still need your credit card information. If damage does occur, your card will not be charged. The only time the card would be charged is if the damage is negligent or for gross intentional damages, or damages that exceed $500.00. If you do not choose the protection plan, then your credit card will be charged if damages occur in the home during your stay. Please note: Guests who purchase the protection plan must also report damages upon arrival. If damages occur, these guests must also contact the onsite office and report the damages. Failure to do so will void the protection plan.

  • Check-in is 4 P.M (or 5 PM for 6-7 bedroom homes) day-of-arrival
  • Check-out is 10 A.M. PROMPT day-of-departure
Your credit card will be charged $50 for every 15 minutes you stay past 10 a.m. You will be charged an extra day if you enter the home before 4 pm on day of arrival. We ask you to please follow the check in and check out times. When a guest checks out late, this hinders are ability to clean the property properly for the guest checking in later that day. When we have guests check in early, it rushes our cleaners to finish quickly and does not allow for a full detailed clean.

  • Linens and towels are provided in the home. Toiletries are provided for only one night. You will need to buy toilet paper, paper towels, dishwasher and clothes soap, along with other products at the local grocery.
  • All homes are non-smoking. A $150.00 fee will be charged to your credit card if our cleaners detect smoking in the home.
  • Do not flush anything down the commode other than toilet paper and human waste. This includes: paper towels, baby wipes, cotton balls, q-tips, hygiene products, and plastic wrappers. There will be a charge to your credit card to unblock a toilet.
  • Running the air conditioner while the doors or windows are open will cause the outside air conditioner unit to work overtime and possibly freeze. This will cause the air conditioner to quit working. If this happens, the guest will be charged for the repair.

Pool heat will automatically shut off if the temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat will automatically come back on once the temperature rises back to 50 degrees. The onsite property management team cannot override this as it is a security measure to prevent breaking the pool pump. Refunds will not be given if this occurs. If pool heat is not working correctly, then contact our onsite management staff. If the pool heater is broken then pool heat refunds will be given for the number of days the guest is without this service. Staff must be aware of this issue when it occurs. Refunds will not be given when pool heat issues are brought to our attention after the stay. Pool heat is set between 83F-89F. We will not be able to adjust the pool heat. If you arrive and the temperature is in this range and it is not comfortable for you, then the only option is to turn the pool heat off. Please note, if the home has a Jacuzzi/Spa you must purchase pool heat for it to be warm. The Jacuzzi/Spa is only heated by the pool heater.


Florida is notorious for bugs. Our homes are sprayed monthly; however, if food is left out on the counter or if clothes are kept on the floor it will attract them. If you do experience problems with this, please contact the management company immediately.


No liability can be accepted, or refunds given for events, which are 'force majeure'. These include, but are not limited to war, threat of war, riots, civil commotion, terrorist activities, industrial disputes, technical difficulties with transportation, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions or other events outside our control.


Great American vacations or any of their agents accepts no liability whatsoever for any injury or loss sustained by guests or any other visitors while in the home or swimming pool, or for any loss or damage caused to any property brought to the premises. No responsibility is accepted for any death, illness, loss or damage to property and/or motor vehicles.


Should you need anything during your stay, please contact the onsite management company at the number provided to you on your confirmation form.

The onsite management company's office hours are 9am-5 pm Monday through Friday and Sat from 9am to 1pm.
Non-emergency items need to be handled during these hours.
Pool heat is a non-emergency item. Do not call after hours for this item.

There will be a $20 charge if non-emergency calls are made after hours. Some emergency items would include:
1. No Power or water
2. Locked out of the home
3. Can not find the home
4. Any item that may cause damage to the home or to the guest.


All homes are non-smoking and pets are not allowed in any home.
Anyone who smokes in a house or brings a pet to a house will be made to leave the home immediately. No refunds will be given and a $150 cleaning fee will be charged to the card on file.


I understand that I am responsible for the cost of any damage sustained to the property of its contents, for breakages or for any excessive cleaning charges incurred during my stay. Any relevant costs (together with the cost of additional services requested) should be charged to my credit card as detailed below. I understand that the management company, Amazing Vacation Homes Inc. has up to 7 days from our departure date to notify us of any potential charges to our credit card. I, and the rest of my party, in consideration of the use of the swimming pool on the property, hereby expressly assume all risks associated with our use of the swimming pool and hereby release and hold harmless Amazing Vacation Homes, Inc. and any and all parent companies, subsidiaries, directors, officers, agents, employees, successors and assignees from and against any and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs, expenses including reasonable attorney fees arising out of our use of the swimming facilities, whether or not caused by the negligence or negligent omission of releases, or any of them including without limitation any personal injuries or damages to our property notwithstanding the foresee ability of such injuries or damages, which may occur as a result of our use of the swimming facilities. I also understand that the property is privately owned and the management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Neither the homeowner nor the Management Company will be held responsible for any accidents or injuries to guests, or for the loss of money, jewelry or possession of any kind. The release and waiver of liability shall be governed by the law of the State of Florida without reference to its conflicts of law rules. I warrant I am at least 18 years of age and that I have read and fully understand the foregoing terms.


Rates are subject to change without notice. At our discretion, we may raise or lower the rates of any given property at any time without notice. Once you make a reservation, you are locked in at the rate agreed upon. If our rates decrease then we will not refund the difference of the agreed upon rate and the new rate. If you have a confirmed reservation and our rates increase, then we will honor the agreed upon rate when you made the reservation.

18. Neighborhood facilities

Some of our properties have facilities that are controlled by the neighborhood homeowners association. From time to time there may b emaintenance or repairs that are needed. This could cause the closure of these facilities for short periods. Some examples are but not limited to: Community swimming pools, clubhouse, pool heaters, and community Jacuzzi's. If there is a closure of these facilities during your stay, then we will not be held liable or be responsible for customer refunds.


Submitting the online reservation form signifies that you are agreeing with these terms and conditions.