If you are looking for a property management company for your new home, or looking for a change then Great American Vacations maybe the right choice for you. Outlined below are some features that we offer our owners.  If you have interest in  Great American Vacations managing your property then click here to contact us, or call  toll free at 877-228-6357.

1. Your $150 a month management fee includes around the clock coverage for your home. This investment per month allows us to properly staff our team, so we can service your home to the most professional standards.

2. Our commission structure is 18% on bookings Great American Vacations place in your home.

3. We do not charge for your first 6 owner bookings in a 12 month period. There is a small convenience fee starting with the 7th owner within a year.

4. We have been in business since 2001 and managing vacation homes since 2003. We also have a management company in Seaside, Florida where we have been managing properties since 2005.

5. We have a full marketing division. Our newest addition is our state of the art website which allows guests to search for availability and book their stay in real time.  Our website sends out confirmation emails and arrival instructions to customers within seconds of reserving a property. 

6. Owners will have 24 hour access to their calendar through our website. They can view when their home is booked or when it is empty. Owners will be able to enter their own bookings anytime of day. There is not a need to contact us when an owner booking is made. We are notified automatically by email and the booking is placed in our system.

7. Our booking system generates a new door code for each guest. This provides a great sense of security for our owners. Many of our competitors use the same door code year round.

8. We do not use the cut rate wholesalers. All of our bookings come directly from our website or a small group of booking agents that work directly with Great American Vacations.

9. Competitive pricing of your home is very important. Our goal is to place the maximum amount of revenue in your home as possible. It is very important that we do not market your property too high or too low. There is a fine line between having a home with high occupancy and having a home that has low occupancy. Usually this comes down to pricing.

10. We are always looking towards the future. The $20,000 website upgrade puts us a step ahead of the competition.